The Cowboy Arms Hotel and Recording Spa

The Vault

By: Alison Clement

After our Dad passed in 2013 and we gained possession of all of the master tapes and various video tapes and media from The Cowboy Arms Hotel and Recording Spa, we knew that it had to be preserved and cared for in a special way. Over the past few years we have cataloged and barcoded over 2900 pieces of various media that, as you can imagine, is full of incredible music and visuals. Everything is stored in an airtight vault all lined up to get inspiration from. Some of these recordings didn’t start here and were recorded elsewhere, but they ended up here.

They are now part of the Spa Story. We believe there’s still some stories to tell and that it’s time to revive, remix and renew. We’re also quite sure that there are some hidden gems in there that nobody has ever heard. There’s also the file cabinet full of the drawings and the writings that my Dad had created on hundreds of yellow legal pads throughout his life. I always wondered what they said and now I know. ¬†LOTS of ideas. So keep an eye on us here, as we plan to start opening up the vault and continuing the legacy of our Cowdaddy. After all, we MUST believe in magic.