The Cowboy Arms Hotel and Recording Spa

Write A Song With Cowboy

As I was searching through our Dad’s things , I came across about 60 unfinished songs and then an idea was born. We are putting together a select group of songwriters to take one of those songs and finish it and we’re going to do a big wonderful magical album at the end. I picked one of those songs to finish and chose my good friend Deanna Bryant to join me in the process. Deanna has written several hit songs, including Johnny and June and Stupid Boy, so I chose wisely. She and I are thrilled with the outcome and have enjoyed recording it and some of the others, right here at the Spa. Deanna said on her social media recently that when she records here she can “feel Cowboy’s essence and vibe in every room”. She also told me recently that she “feels inspired” here. What more could we ask for?

Pictured here is Jack Sterritt, a new up and coming singer from Jacksonville, Florida that came by to get some of the Cowboy vibe at the Spa! He “loved” it! He also loved singing into our vintage Neumann U87 microphone that Cash and Waylon and others used when they recorded at the Spa. It’s got a sound!